Meeting Rooms

All of our libraries offer rooms for meetings and programs that serve an educational, cultural, civic or recreational purpose. Meetings and programs held in library meeting rooms must be free to the public, and open to all who wish to attend. They are available for booking for any legitimate purpose, including the following:

    1. Library sponsored programs and activities
    2. Friends of the Library sponsored programs and activities
    3. Civic groups and club meetings
    4. Educational and cultural groups
    5. Religious or political groups


Library Room Max. Allowed Daily Fee Policy
Statesboro Isabel Sorrier 50 $150.00
up to 8 consecutive hours
Swainsboro Smith Room 50 $20.00 download
Claxton Meeting Room 50 $30.00(see policy for more details) download
Metter Meeting Room 50 $10.00 download
Pembroke Meeting Room 50 $5.00 download
Richmond Hill Meeting Room 50

$5.00 per hour
$25 partial day
$50 full day