Youth Outreach & Educational Services

The Youth and Family Services Department is happy to provide both outreach and in-house educational services for schools, daycares, and other student groups. We also try our best to provide helpful services for educators, to make their job in the classroom easier!

Teacher Cards

Teacher cards are available for teachers and educational providers in Bulloch County. Teacher cards are kept in the department, and allow teachers to use books and audiobooks in their classrooms for up to six weeks. Teachers are still expected to be responsible for damaged or lost books, but late fines can be removed upon return of books. You can apply for a teacher card at the Children’s Help Desk.

Book Selection for Teachers

With advance notice, teachers can request help selecting books on a specific subject matter. For assistance with book selection, please contact the Children’s Department at (912) 764-1344.

Field Trips to the Library

We are happy to provide your students with a special storytime at the library. Our typical storytime includes 30 minutes of stories, songs and movement activities. For groups with more time to spend, we can also add a behind-the-scenes tour of the library. We typically have a few themes to choose from, or we can create something based on what your group is currently learning.

Outreach Activities

Our librarians and children’s staff are available for educational fairs, special events, and classroom visits to schools and non-profit organizations in Bulloch County. At these events, we can usually provide:

  • Storytimes and read-alouds
  • Information for parents about literacy and learning
  • STEM equipment and activities
  • Book Talks (for grades K-6)

Please contact us to schedule field trip or outreach visit:

Cindy Hatchell, Manager of Youth and Family Services
912-764-1341 ext. 1010