Statesboro-Bulloch County Service fees

Library Services/Fees

3D Printing $1.00 flat fee plus ¢.20/gram weight of finished item
Book Bags $3.00 each plus tax = $3.21
Collection Fee $10.00 Must be paid even if forgive other fees
Sorrier Room $150.00 for up to 8 consecutive hours
Copying/Printing 0.15¢ per page black and white
0.75¢ per page color
11 x 17 size paper  .30¢ each side
Earbuds/Headphones $1.50 each plus tax = $1.61
Faxing $1.50 sending per page
Receiving Fax $1.00 per page Fax number is 912-764-1350
Flash Drive $10.00 plus tax $10.70
Laminating $1.00 for 8 ½ x 11
0.50¢ per card size pouch
0.10¢ per linear inch Large Machine Needs 5-10 minutes to heat up
Needs 20 minutes to heat up
Overdue Fines 0.20¢ per day Book & Audio Books
0.50¢ per day DVD Blocked over $10.00
Proctor Fees $25.00 per exam Cash or credit card only
Replacement Library Card $2.00 each Must verify with ID
Scanning 0.50¢ per page We only send to their email or place on flash drive

Minimum Credit Card purchase is $2.50 for Visa, Mastercard & Discover